BodyBeats Production and our partners from Peek-a-Boo Magazine & Dark Entries Magazine are proud to announce the complete line-up of the 11 BIMFEST edition!

We believe we have managed, once again, to present you an extraordinary festival line-up, complete in our well-known BIMFEST tradition.

Like every edition we bring you:

Something new and fresh …
- True Zebra (B)
The electro project of electro wizard Kevin Strauwen.

- Metroland (B):
The exclusive and first live performance of the brand new project of Passenger A. and Passenger S. Some even call them already the Belgian Kraftwerk!

Something new but with some history…
- Nothing But Noise (B):
Noisy stuff by no-one less then tweaking Front 242 mastermind Daniel B., Dirk Bergen (former Front 242) and Erwin Jadot.

- Simi Nah (B): Formed by Praga Khan bass player Simi Nah, sometimes also referred to as the French Queen of Goth. Electro-Klash with a Praga Khan twist!

- 7JK (UK/PL): An enchanting collaboration between the Polish Multimedia industrialist of Job Karma and violin wizard Matt Howden (Sieben & ex Sol Invictus).

Something cult:
- Underviewer (B): pre-Front 242 project featuring Front 242 mastermind and keyboarder Patrick Codenys and Front 242 head and voice JL De Meyer.

- The Invincible Spirit (D): Responsible for underground club hits like 'Push!', 'Devil Dance' and 'Sex Can be Sin'.

Something obligatory:
- The Breath Of Life (B): One of the best Gothic Rock bands Belgium has to offer, with the heavenly voice of Isabelle Dekeyser and new album out a must see!

- Portion Control (UK): Legendary electro/industrial pioneers keep on striking hard album after album, gig after gig!

Something to fuck you up!
- Icon Of Coil (NO): The Norwegian and in 1997 founded pre-Combichrist project fronted by Andy LaPlegua is back to conquer Europe (once again)!

Something Synth & Poppy …
- Blancmange (UK): legendary 80’s synthpop hitmachine, now firmly back on track again since their comeback album Blanc Burn. Hits: ‘Game Above My Head’, ‘Feel me’ (Yes the original track Faithless tried to cover once) and Blind Vision. Since 2011 back with a new & stunning album Blanc Burn!

Something legendary …
Peter Hook & The Light: Joy Divisions’ bass player ‘Hooky’ playing the legendary JOY DIVISION album ‘Unknown Pleasures'. . The closest you will ever come to experience the the Joy Division live gig atmosphere!

Something unbelievable but oh soooo BIM!
TEST DEPT:Redux (UK): TEST DEPT:Redux is conceived as a club based EBM (Electronic Body Music) intense music & visual performance experience. Fourteen years after their ‘Final event’ in London (1989) original members Graham Cunnington and Paul Jamrozy decided to team up once again to take us on trip trough TEST DEPT's early work. TD:R create a dense, powerful, vibrant soundtrack for our time, utilising sound and image samples from the extensive Test Dept back-catalogue; enhanced with new sounds, audio-visual documentation, and the duo's live vocals and percussion. Their channelling of the personal anger and frustration they still experience remains as potent and caustic as before.

Both nights will be round-up by an after party featuring various VIP DJ’s (TBC)

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Fast & Early Birds - SAVE up to €20/combi ticket!!!!
(Buy before October 8st, only'!)
DAY 1: € 25
DAY 2: € 30
COMBI: € 50

Sleepy Birds (after October 1st)
DAY 1: € 30
DAY 2: € 35
COMBI: € 60

Lazy & Ritch Birds (at the doors)
DAY 1: € 35
DAY 2: € 40
COMBI: € 70

Hard copy tickets will be available soon at the Wool-e Shop & BodyBeats stall where ever you see them and Fat Kat Records (Antwerp)!

Hope to cu all again!