7JK is a head-on collision of Sieben (UK) and Job Karma (PL). Looping violin and warm vocals mix seamlessly with electronics and an industrial edge.

"Anthems Flesh sounds like these two well-loved artists combining, but also completely new: Something different has been born here. This new band will take all concerned to new heights: Powerful, intense, aggressive, mellow. Simply great songs, a wealth of emotions, an amazing meeting of two mindsets. A must-have album."
B.Flynn - UK

“The hopes for the advent of "Anthems Flesh" were great and the album has a very startling effect. For me, this is a surefire candidate for album of the year.” 9.5/10
Tomasz – Darknation, PL

“This is the result of master craftsmen meeting and then conjuring up splendorous, darkly monochromatic material the likes of which you could not have heard from anyone else. Bank on it.” 9/10
Peter Marks – Brutal resonance, USA

“The expectations were huge, but it's nice to report that the Anthems Flesh 7JK not only fulfilled the hopes placed in them, but they also manage to surprise the audience. Excellent production, catchy compositions”
Patryk Balawender – Muzka Gildia, PL



“Throughout the album you come to the surprising conclusion that neither Sieben nor Job Karma sounds like 7JK. Together they have found a personal style that is reminiscent of neither band... Anthems Flesh" is a thoroughly enjoyable debut album of a new super group.”
Walter – Gothic, AT

“Strangely enough, the meeting of these two worlds doesn't seem to have required any radical compromise on either part. Neither Job Karma... nor Sieben... deprived each other of their characteristic stylistic attributes.”
Rafał Kochan - the author of Encyclopaedia Of Industrial Music , PL

“There’s a lot of great ideas, nice melodies, catchy passages and thrilling dynamics here. And of course it sounds perfect.”
Sante Sangre - Sante Sangre, PL

“The formula Sieben + Job Karma = 7JK really is working, especially because all participants are acting with reserve regarding their musical characteristics. On the other side they are including them widely enough to create an unique suspense. That's exactly the point regarding a fruitful relationship: Approach without assimilation – just like in real life!” 5,5 /6
Claudia - Mediakonverter, DE