A post-industrial group based in Wrocław, Poland, started in 1997 by Aureliusz PISARZEWSKI and Maciej FRETT.

Their debut work relied both on the sound of analogue and digital instruments and devices (acoustic generators), as well as on looped trancelike rhythms. They gained considerable renowned for their audiovisual performances, the imagery and videos provided by Arkadiusz BAGIŃSKI, a graphics, performance and video artist, a permanent collaborator of the group. Although stylistically consistent and following on from their first album, their next works were enhanced with more sophisticated ambient textures, snippets from film and documentary dialogues, radio plays and broadcasts.

The group employs a wide variety of means of expression, ranging from synthetically prepared electro acoustic structures and sampling, to distorted or processed rhythms or even melodies. 

Through their music and carefully selected and prepared imagery and videos they seek to deal with the dysfunctional elements of contemporary civilization, the looming war and 

annihilation, the inimical political and religious system and the slow decline of all values due to the progressive commercialisation of the day-to-day life of an individual and society.

Since 2000 they have been running an on-going project "RYTUAL" concerned with the effects of civilisation's progress on the human condition, and involving site-tailored music and video materials to be performed at specific locations, such as a thermal power plant, a cathedral, a synagogue or Chernobyl. Since 2001 FRETT teamed up with BAGIŃSKI and together they have been organising the annual WROCŁAW INDUSTRIAL FESTIVAL, a major contemporary event designed to popularise the contemporary varieties of industrial music and culture.