20 years in the making, Nothing But Noise, the trio led by Front 242 mastermind Daniel B and featuring original Front 242 member Dirk Bergen and Erwin Jadot, finally release their debut album ‘Not Bleeding Red’ on UK independent Future Noise Music.

Borne from a deep love of analogue synthesizers and inspired by the likes of Manuel Gottching, Tangerine Dream’s early albums and Bowie’s Berlin period, ‘Not Bleeding Red’ is an album that fully deserves its place in the long and distinguished history of European synth acts.
Created in Daniel B’s studio the album features an array of rare and vintage analogue synthesizers such as the Moog Voyager, Prophet8, Juno 106 and Arp Odyssey. No nostalgia fest though, the album also explores the possibilities afforded by today’s new breed of analogue synthesizers.  Its lineage might be clear but this is an album that looks forward, respectful of the past but not in its thrall.

‘Not Bleeding Red’ is an expansive affair, an album in love with sound itself and tracks such as the elegiac nearly 19 minute long ‘CK’ are given time to evolve and develop in stately fashion, unfolding like some grand cosmic ballet.

Uncompromising and haunting, this is an album that conjures up vast vistas of space, both cold and beautiful at the same time.

Having honed the Nothing But Noise sound over the course of two decades and a series of critically acclaimed live performances, ‘Not Bleeding Red’ is the culmination of a lifetime’s obsession with synthesized sound and a timeless example of how raw circuit boards can produce something stunningly beautiful.