Simi Nah is a French musician, songwriter & vocalist from Nice and bass player with Praga Khan since 1998. Her partner in crime is Kenny AKA Scuzzy, a musician, songwriter & producer from Oostende. He also was a DJ, drummer and guitarist (in the '80's) and engineer at Samurai Studio’s London with various artists like The Mission, Boy George, Zodiac Mindwarp, etc... 


Simi & Kenny both live in Oostende and are working together since 1993 on different musical projects, combining the warmth of the Mediterranean sea and the darkness of the North sea ! 
Partners in crime ........”






In 2003 she starts her solo career simply named “Simi Nah”. Co-producer & songwriter Kenny follows her all the way, and that results in the “French Ep” which gains good reactions from France, but also from England, where the track “Sans se voiler la face” has been played for 3 months on BBC Radio 1 by Dj Fergie. Followed by her first album “Cherchez la femme” in 2004.

In 2011 SIMI NAH signed on SonicAngel and on January 27th 2012 the new album "5" was released, fresh and powerful, which will again emerge all her passions, with themes as Music and Fashion...