The Breath of Life started in 1985 when a trio of musicians was joined by a singer who studied at the local Academie de Musique. With the release of their second studio album «Taste of sorrow» in 1992 (Hall of Sermon), this Belgian band developed their unique sound complemented by, what the press descibed as, the ‘magical voice’ of Isabelle Dekeyser. 

Starting off with regional performances, they soon continued to play all over Europe including big events such as Zillo Festival, M’era luna, Castle Party, Whitby Festival, Gothic Autmn Night, Eurorock, Dour Festival, etc.

After few years of silence since their last release, The Breath of Life are back and proud to announce the newly awaited album «Whispering fields» on Danse Macabre Records this autumn. This 8th opus, the band entices the listener back into their own specific realm of emotion, enhanced by the addition of a new band member on drums.


Following more than 25 years of existence, the magical balance between delicacy and power of their music is once again unveiled on this new release. A beautiful mixture between splendid violins, ethereal voices, strong guitars and basslines, waves of keyboards and drums carress the spirits from their dark underground world. "Whispering Fields" features 13 Tracks which include 2 Bonus-versions of their classic club-hit "Nasty Cloud".

The promotion for this new album will commence in September 2012 with full interviews in Sonic Seducer, Zillo Magazine, and foreign music press.