The Invincible Spirit was launched in 1986 as a solo project of Thomas Luedke after his exit from his first band, The Invisible Limits. The latter was founded in 1984 by Luedke (keyboardist and vocals), Andreas Küchenmeister (drums), Ralf Schauf (Bass) and Marion Marion Küchenmeister  (vocals). Only a few weeks after they met the cult 12”’s  “Love Is A Kind Of Mystery” and “Devil Dance” were released and became underground club hits. Due to musical differences over the future development of the project, Lüdke left The Invisible Limits founded his new project, initially under the name of The Invincible Limit which later became The Invincible Spirit.

In 1986 their probably most know artifact the 12” ‘PUSH!’ was released originally still under the name The Invincible Limit but soon re-released under The Invincible Spirt in different formats and with more great tracks as for instance ‘Make A Device’ and ‘Provoke You’.



Since the band continued releasing good stuff like the ‘Saveheads’ Maxi and EP and the album ‘Sex Can Be Sin’ (1992). After the release of the maxi ‘Showdown’ (1994) the band disappeared for some years… But only to emerge in 2000 with the EP ‘Faster Life’ and intensive touring with Psyche and The Fair Sex.

On BIMFEST 2012 Thomas and his friends will come and prove us that The Invincible Spirit is still alive, kicking and invincible!