True Zebra


True Zebra is Kevin Strauwen, a musician, songwriter, engineer and producer who received amazing reviews with his official self-released digital debut album as True Zebra.

Conceived as rock but mistaken with electronic tries and techniques, True Zebra transmutes an alternative view into the electro rock scene with tight-grooves, industrial-esque rhythms and spookish melodies.

He has worked for various labels, musicians, artists, ensembles and producers ranging from Josh Abraham (korn, limp bizkit, dope, orgy, velvet revolver,...), Anthony Valcic (skinny puppy, nine inch nails, julien-k, marilyn manson,...) , EMI, Sony, Dan Lacksman (Telex,...), Walter Verdin (Pas De Deux,..) , Wim De Wilde, Jan Fabre, Champ d'action, Joy Wellboy and others.

This is what the press has to say about True Zebra:

"Kevin Strauwen is a discovery. On this debut all of his talents are bundled in lovely tracks.
A Discovery indeed !"  (Oor Magazine)

“Belgian True Zebra have made one amazing debut album… Go buy this. Most amazing, un-EBM’ish, musical piece coming out from Belgium ever." (9/10 -Brutal Resonance)

“this is an album to die for and groove on a dancefloor." (4/5 -Cutting Edge)

”True Zebra knows how to intrigue from beginning till end."(4/5

“True Zebra is a rare beast, this is actually the perfect mixture between the better indie music and industrial electro-pop ! " (8/10 -Dark Entries)

”This truely is a revelation." (Indiestyle)

"A tight act with a recognisable sound and style, together with a strong debut! The debut is varried with multiple "singles" that keep standing up with force.The songs are strong in their simplicity." 
(Gonzo Circus)

”Impressive debut album…” (Side Line)

“future music but a special kind” (Humo magazine)

"Promising act ! Check out this artist !" (Standaard)