Underviewer is the pre-Front 242 project of both Front 242 keyboarder/producer Patrick Codenys and singer JL De Meyer. 

Between 1978 and 1981, before they joined  Front 242, Patrick  and Jean-Luc made music together on the first analog synthesizers that emerged. This resulted in minimalistic, electronic and experimental tracks still clearly inspired by pop music, but rather based on sound associations and noises rather than melodies.

With Underviewer they take us back to the time where no sound was prefabricated and hyperkinetic rhythms had yet to be invented, a time where   newborn electronic music could still sound intimate. 


Because of the rapidly booming success of  Front 242 in the 80's Underviewer was put on hold and thus didn't play many live shows since ... 

So don’t miss this unique opportunity to see this historical electronic act!